Lighthouse 360® is a fully-automated patient communication solution made especially for dentists. Our comprehensive system uses email, two-way text messages, automated phone calls, postcards, and letters to get more patients in the door and send productivity through the roof! Request a Lighthouse 360 Demo today!

Lighthouse 360 - Better Care Starts with Better Communication
Save time with automation

Automated confirmations

When patients confirm by e-mail, text, or automated phone call, your appointment book is updated automatically.

No more recall reports

Set recall notices to be sent on any schedule, completely automatically, so no patient falls through the cracks.

Easy reactivations

Lighthouse 360 performs a daily chart audit and automatically prompts you to renew relationships with inactive patients. Get more out of each day.

Stay in the know

Receive a daily “Front Desk Task List” with relevant information about the day’s patients like updated contact info, birthdays, and more.

Don’t miss a thing

Get reports that recap the activity of the day, summarizing the successes and detailing areas that might need more focus or training.

Real-time accuracy

Lighthouse 360 syncs data every 10 minutes, so you can enjoy the confidence of knowing your patients are getting the right message at the right time.

Grow your dental practice

Get positive reviews

Automatically send happy patients a customized review request after their appointment that can be completed in minutes.

Attract new patients

All of your positive reviews get automatically posted to your website and across the web to attract new patients online.

Better care starts with better communication.

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