Better Your Business with NDI Practice Building Partners

Dentistry should be a rewarding and enjoyable career. Helping patients improve their quality of life, working with a team you put together that becomes like family, making a better than average income, all provide the foundations for a very happy career. However, running a dental practice requires managing a business which can cause stresses that make this a challenging career.



With over 15 years of experience in the Sleep Medicine Market as a national provider working with hundreds of practices nationwide, we have observed many changes and challenges that our clients face in Dental Sleep Medicine. Our coaches specialize in:

  • Sleep Business Blueprint
  • Implementation Protocol
  • DSM Workflow
  • Role-Based Coaching
  • Team Onboarding
  • Medical Billing
  • Home Sleep Testing
  • Fee-For-Service (Cash) Model
  • Metrics & Tracking

This unique combination of experience and solutions uniquely positions Awaken2Sleep as a natural guide to providers like you who want to become the hero in their patients’ story! Find out more about Awaken2Sleep.

Clear Comfort Aligners

Get to know Clear Comfort Aligners – a system that won’t compete with you, easy to implement and provides great results and brilliant smiles all under your supervision and control.

Clear Comfort Aligner’s Ortho Techs, AI software and production process accepts scans from all scanners or from impressions or models, then creates accurate, well fitted, crystal clear aligners. Learn more about Clear Comfort Aligners.

Dear Doctor TV logo

Dear Doctor

Dear Doctor is a dentist-led company that exists to educate patients and present dentistry — and your practice — in the best possible light. To do that, we produce patient-education content that is accurate and complete, yet entertaining and easily understood by patients. This is our specialty and it is all we do — all day, every day. We take great pride in creating patient-education products that are endorsed and valued by our peers in the professional dental community. Why trust your message to anyone else? Find out more about Dear Doctor.

Dental Advocacy Group

The Dental Advocacy Group is a member-based dental organization formed to enhance the quality of time and services from dentist to patient by pre-negotiating non-clinical business functions that would otherwise occupy time better utilized for clinical care. Find out more about Dental Advocacy Group.

Hi5 Practice

Make your phones ring and keep your patients for life!

Most dental practices are heavily underutilizing the power of their patient communication system. Don’t turn your messages off — have us create and send out effective campaigns for you!

Hi5 Practice puts a strategy to your patient communication system to be the mean marketing machine it was made to be. We recommend and work most effectively in RevenueWell and NexHealth. Find out more about Hi5 Practice.


Kleer was founded in 2016 and has grown to be the proven industry-leader for subscription dental membership plans. By working with thousands of dentists across all 50 states, Kleer has perfected a solution that balances patient value and practice results.

In our mission to liberate dental care and make oral care more accessible to everyone, we have developed an advanced, cloud-based platform that allows dentists to reclaim control of the dental marketplace from insurance companies. With our membership plans, dentists provide care directly to patients, grow their practices, serve more patients, and offer those patients the highest levels of care. Uninsured patients with Kleer coverage generate 2.1X more revenue than uninsured patients without Kleer—all while getting better, more affordable care without jumping through insurance company hoops. Find out more about Kleer.

Smart Training

Smart Training’s Learning Management System (LMS) has been continually evolving over the past ten years. We provide a functional and easy-to-use learning platform.

Our LMS provides an automated system to create, deliver, and track training of the user. The user reads, listens, and sees the information on screen and answers questions to assess their knowledge on the given subject. The LMS then awards them with certifications to put on their record. Our software can help all types of people learn and grow.

From compliance training to How-To guides, we set up the system for you and let you take control. Find out more about Smart Training.

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XL Dent

The XLDent dental practice management system takes advantage of the latest in software development and design tools to provide you with the most intuitive, robust, easy-to-use dental program available. XLDent is an electronic dental records system that automates key business processes and ensures dental teams have the tools they need to manage the practice more profitably.

Practice Opportunities

Nashville Dental is dedicated to helping practices in all aspects of their career cycle. Whether you are looking to buy, sell, or join a practice – we can help! We work with students who are graduating, owners who want to add an associate or partner, to those that want to sell their dental practice. View our available dental practice opportunities.