Optimize Potential

Dentistry should be a rewarding and enjoyable career. Helping patients improve their quality of life, working with a team you put together that becomes like family, making a better than average income, all provide the foundations for a very happy career. However, running a dental practice requires managing a business which can cause stresses that make this a challenging career.

Every one of our customers has unique skill sets. Some are great business minds and enjoy managing the business side of the practice. Many do not enjoy this and don’t feel their skill sets are on the business side at all. Both groups can achieve the same level of success both inquality of life and practice success. As an independent dentist, numerous resources exist to gain the same business systems and processes that the most successful dental practices employ.

NDI’s Practice Development Facilitator works with our customers to improve administrative processes and team functions. He can do lunch meetings, seminars for study clubs and groups, or one on one practice analysis, coaching and team building. Whether you are a dentist that despises the business side or you truly enjoy it, the common denominator in successful offices is the realization that systems can be tweaked to improve the outcomes. They seek best practices and they value having a consultant help to optimize their team’s potential and the practice potential. Wherever you fall, NDI Practice Development can help.