Equipment Investment Planning

What equipment do you sell?
How can I trust I’m making a good business decision?

NDI has been selling all major brands of dental equipment for over 100 years. We have relationships with the top manufacturers and are able to both sell and service all their equipment.

The need for new equipment is usually tied to replacement of older obsolete and inefficient equipment, or for adding efficiencies and capacity to generate more revenue. Your NDI rep understands that an equipment purchase is an important business decision. Beyond the actual cost, will you and your team fully utilize the equipment to achieve the best results and best return on investment?

Your NDI Account Rep and Equipment Specialist will work together to help you analyze your situation and need and give you the best information among all the choices available to meet both your budget and provide you with the best financial return for the investment made.

Remember that NDI works to gain your business for life, so we never approach these business decisions to get a quick one time sell. Purchasing equipment is just the beginning of the investment. When buying from NDI, you have someone who will continue to be there after the purchase to assist you in getting the most out of your investment, from training your team members on how to use it most effectively to troubleshooting and keeping it operating effectively.

Purchasing through NDI will always prove to be A Better Business Decision!

Imaging Equipment

Dentist showing x-ray of teeth to patientDental imaging from x-rays to intra oral cameras have the primary purpose of uncovering and illuminating what the human eye cannot see in order to diagnose accurately and plan an optimal course of treatment involving the least amount of risk and the greatest potential for successful outcomes. The goal is to gain necessary information while exposing the patient to the lowest possible dose of radiation.

Advancements in radiology equipment now provide general dentists and specialists with new imaging possibilities that uncover greater amounts of information while at the same time, reducing the patient exposure. These tools make it much easier to offer more complex restorative options like implants, endodontic therapy, orthodontic planning, etc. NDI sells and supports the top technologies in dental imaging from Planmeca, Instrumentarium, Gendex, Vatech, Air Techniques, NOMAD and more.

  • Intraoral X-rays – wall mounted and portable
  • Intra Oral X-ray Sensors
  • Phosphor Plate Imaging

  • 2D Digital Panoramic X-rays
  • 3D Digital Panoramic X-rays
  • Intra-Oral Cameras
  • 3D Printers
  • Milling Machines

Digital Dentistry

Intraoral_Gallery_001A dental impression, regardless of the type, has one common goal: to capture an image of the patient’s natural anatomy in order to reproduce a restoration that may be placed, returning the patient to natural form and function.

Now this can all be done digitally bringing various technologies (CT Scans, 3D Digital Impressions, CAD/CAM systems and even 3D printers) together to provide better treatment options like single visit crown & bridge, dentures and simple implants with custom milled abutments. And each practice can choose the technologies that fit the system that practice decides is best for them. From same day in office therapy to seamless integration with the laboratory of your choice.

NDI has multiple options to provide a Total Solution Digital workflow no matter what procedures you want to provide in your practice. Ask your NDI Account rep for more details or click here to request more info or an in office consultation.

delivery-systemsOperatory Equipment

NDI offers an array of operatory equipment to meet every style, every budget and every purpose. Including cabinetry designed for optimal efficiency to chairs, units and lights to enhance ergonomics, patient comfort and productivity. Some of our key operatory equipment partners include:

  • A-dec
  • DCI
  • Midmark
  • Dental-Ez

  • Royal Dental Group
  • Forest
  • TPC and many more



Dental tools and equipmentThe sterilization area is the hub for productivity. Processing used instruments and providing CDC compliant sterile instruments in the most efficient, safe method possible can add hours of production back to the schedule. A well designed sterilization center and the equipment selected for the center should create a safe environment for patients, team members and instrument investments.

NDI’s Account Reps and equipment team can help you to analyze your instrument processing system and show you many options to make this area of your practice both profitable and something to be proud of.

  • Lab Equipment
  • Air, Vacuum and Water Equipment
  • Dental Software

Financing Dental Equipment and Technology

Whether it is investing in new operator equipment, buying a practice, or upgrading to digital x-ray equipment, NDI is here to help you every step of the way. With our trusted financial partners, we are here to help you get the financing you want to get the equipment you need. Learn more about our dental financing partners.

Bank of America

Group Financial Services