Moving To The Next Phase

Our Dental Strategic team is dedicated to helping you move into the next phase of your career regardless of
where you are on that timeline. NDI is pleased to serve as a resource for dentists who are looking to:

  • Sell an existing practice
  • Purchase an existing practice
  • Add a partner
  • Add an associate
  • Locate an associate position
  • Have a practice appraised

Through our network of dental practices in Tennessee, Alabama, Kentucky and West Virginia we are often
aware of those offices that are looking to sell, bring in a partner or add an associate. Likewise, we are in contact with graduating dental students and other dentists that are seeking these positions and practice opportunities (view available dental opportunities).

NDI offers comprehensive Practice Appraisal services to help with establishing the value of your practice and all appraisals are done in complete confidentiality. If you want us to assist you in  finding a prospective buyer we offer a very attractive non-exclusive brokerage program. For more information or to post opportunities to our website, please fill out our registration form and you will be contacted by one of our Practice Transition Representatives.