shutterstock_212317489Running a busy practice, you don’t have the time to regularly visit your colleagues in your region. You may have some exposure to them in Study Clubs or dental meetings, but even in that situation, it may be difficult to get a real feel for how those offices work.

Consider that your NDI rep has that exposure to other offices on a regular basis. While they will never share details about specific offices, they can share anonymous circumstances and how those circumstances were handled either successfully or unsuccessfully.

From the supplies you use daily to perform dental procedures, to the equipment needed to work efficiently, safely and comfortably, to the various services needed to run your business and the solutions to challenges, your NDI Account Rep is dedicated to bring you the best advice and information on all these items to help you make the best Business Decisions for your practice.


NDI understands the costs of running a dental practice. We work closely with our customers & manufacturer partners to provide a wide array of choices for each step of your procedures at the best  possible prices. NDI guarantees to be the best value for our customers. For every dollar you spend on supplies, you can expect MORE from NDI than any other supply source in the country. With some companies, the relationship is limited to an order, a box of goods and a bill.

With NDI we will always provide products at GREAT PRICES, but to our valued customers we will always be MORE THAN A BOX OF SUPPLIES.

shutterstock_295774079Overhead Management:

NDI understands how important profitability is to a dental practice. Two factors contribute to profitability: maximizing the office’s potential to perform revenue generating procedures and controlling office overhead. NDI is committed to helping you with both. For no more than the cost of your supplies, typically 4.5% – 8% of Gross Production, your account rep will become a part of your team and assist you in multiple ways to manage and minimize supply overhead, while bringing you tools and ideas to reduce other overhead areas as well as maximizing production oriented tasks. Some of the ways we can help:

  • Clinical Supplies
  • Dental Equipment & Technology Items
  • Services & Solutions
  • Overhead Management
  • Great Pricing
  • Supply Savings Programs

  • Equipment & Technology Items
  • Office Design
  • Equipment Installation, Maintenance & Service
  • Practice Development Resources
  • Professional Services