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Dentistry should be a rewarding and enjoyable career. Helping patients improve their quality of life, working with a team you put together that becomes like family, making a better than average income, all provide the foundations for a very happy career. However, running a dental practice requires managing a business which can cause stresses that make this a challenging career.


Dental Strategic

Dental Strategic: Your Complete Dentistry Career Resource

Dental Strategic, a subsidiary of Nashville Dental, Inc., is your trusted partner for every stage of your dentistry career. Our dedicated team is here to support you, offering a wide range of services tailored to your unique needs. Whether you’re seeking expert consulting, financing solutions, strategic growth planning, practice valuation, brokerage assistance, staffing support, or smooth transition expertise, we have you covered.

With Dental Strategic, you can fill in the blanks of your career journey and unlock endless possibilities. Our comprehensive services and expertise empower dentists at every phase of their professional lives. From aspiring dentists to established practitioners, we have the tools and resources to help you thrive.

Don’t miss out on the invaluable support Dental Strategic provides. Visit our website at or contact us today to learn more about how we can elevate your dentistry career to new heights.

Meet the DS team:

AIDA (American Independent Dental Alliance)

Stay Private, Stay Strong!

The goal of AIDA (American Independent Dental Alliance) is to support the culture and independence of the private practice dental clinician. AIDA provides members with tools to gain control over their overhead, better manage their business and provides education programs to support your entire team. By joining an organization of like-minded practitioners, we find success together.



With over 15 years of experience in the Sleep Medicine Market as a national provider working with hundreds of practices nationwide, we have observed many changes and challenges that our clients face in Dental Sleep Medicine. Our coaches specialize in:

  • Sleep Business Blueprint
  • Implementation Protocol
  • DSM Workflow
  • Role-Based Coaching
  • Team Onboarding
  • Medical Billing
  • Home Sleep Testing
  • Fee-For-Service (Cash) Model
  • Metrics & Tracking

This unique combination of experience and solutions uniquely positions Awaken2Sleep as a natural guide to providers like you who want to become the hero in their patients’ story! Find out more about Awaken2Sleep.

Trez: Reclaiming the Market Together

Necessity is the mother of all invention. Trez was born out of our desire to put the dentist back where they belong; at the center of the exploding consumer demand for clear aligners! Learn more about Trez here.

Dear Doctor TV logo

Dear Doctor

Dear Doctor is a dentist-led company that exists to educate patients and present dentistry — and your practice — in the best possible light. To do that, we produce patient-education content that is accurate and complete, yet entertaining and easily understood by patients. This is our specialty and it is all we do — all day, every day. We take great pride in creating patient-education products that are endorsed and valued by our peers in the professional dental community. Why trust your message to anyone else? Find out more about Dear Doctor.

Dental Advocacy Group

The Dental Advocacy Group is a member-based dental organization formed to enhance the quality of time and services from dentist to patient by pre-negotiating non-clinical business functions that would otherwise occupy time better utilized for clinical care. Find out more about Dental Advocacy Group.

Hi5 Practice

Make your phones ring and keep your patients for life!

Most dental practices are heavily underutilizing the power of their patient communication system. Don’t turn your messages off — have us create and send out effective campaigns for you!

Hi5 Practice puts a strategy to your patient communication system to be the mean marketing machine it was made to be. We recommend and work most effectively in RevenueWell and NexHealth. Find out more about Hi5 Practice.


Kleer combines an advanced, cloud-based platform with dedicated and personalized support to ensure practices have everything they need to easily and quickly design, implement, and professionally manage a successful membership plan. Kleer integrates directly with practice management software to unleash unprecedented automation, growth, and performance. Over 7,000 dentists trust Kleer’s best-in-class solution to increase patient access to care and ensure practice profitability. Learn more by visiting

Smart Training

Nashville Dental has chosen Smart Training as our premier provider for OSHA and HIPAA compliance. Their systems are complete, yet uncomplicated and designed to save you production time and money.

You can trust Smart Training – they are the best at what they do!

  • Assisted over 20,000 dental professionals nation-wide.
  • Delivered more than 2,250,000 individual trainings.
  • Inspected 1000’s of dental practices.
  • Successfully represented companies in more than 1,200 OSHA investigations.
  • State-of-the-Art, proprietary software.

What Smart Training Offers Your Business

  • Reduced Liability- Comprehensive systems reduce the chance of circumstances that could be costly to your business.
  • Focus on Production- 24/7 access to training provides staff ability to take advantage of lost production time or spend
    more time with patients and therefore enhanced revenue.
  • Consistency- Our software enables you, at no additional cost, to upload corporate training for consistent messaging.
  • Accountability– Reports can be run to ensure completion and comprehension of training.
  • Ease of Management- All locations’ documentation and staff training can be managed from one portal.
  • Reassurance- Our training and documentation is continually updated to ensure compliance with current laws and your
    Personal Compliance Advisor is there for you every step of the way.
  • High Return on Investment- Smart Training programs will protect your business with the most comprehensive compliance for the least investment of capital and personnel time.

Find out more about Smart Training.


One software to manage your entire practice! Adit is designed & engineered specifically for Dental Practices. Adit is the only software solution that integrates VoIP, Texts, Emails, Patient Forms, Online Scheduling, Analytics, Reviews, Payments and more, all in one place! Find out more about Adit.

PPO Advisors

A great way to increase the profitability of your dental practice is to increase your reimbursement from dental insurance companies. Successful fee schedule negotiations can have an outstanding impact on your patients, your practice, and your bottom line… Find out more about how we can help you get a Fee Increase!

TaxRX Group

We help clinicians maximize tax strategies for profitable practices.

TaxRx helps companies with R&D tax credits, ERC, Cost Segregation, and over 1,500 strategies to legally reduce taxes. Click here to learn more.

Group Financial Services

Group Financial Services

Group Financial Services is a complete financial resource for the medical professional. We offer a full array of financial products and services through our Group Preferred™ Business Line of Credit as well as competitively priced Equipment Financing and Leasing programs. We also offer Working Capital, Supply, Construction, Computers and Software loans as well as Financing for Practice Acquisitions and Consolidation Loans.

Bank of America

Bank of America offers a full range of dental practice financing options, plus the critical knowledge you need to establish and develop your business, from demographic site analysis of your dental practice location to the Practice Heartbeat® program, which helps you develop vital practice management skills.


Better Financing Terms For All — Treat more patients with Cherry financing! Get better terms & top customer experience. Patient application takes seconds, with instant decision & no impact on credit score. Increase revenue. Increase case acceptance. Get more customers. Fast patient application.

Empower DDS

Your dental services as a subscription. PPO reimbursement hurting collections? Retired patients losing benefits? Empower your practice and your patients with a monthly membership.

Click HERE to learn more.



Practice Opportunities

Nashville Dental is dedicated to helping practices in all aspects of their career cycle. Whether you are looking to buy, sell, or join a practice – we can help! We work with students who are graduating, owners who want to add an associate or partner, to those that want to sell their dental practice. View our available dental practice opportunities.